Faculty of Physics and technology is one of the leading educational and scientific units of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. Preparation of specialists is carried out on the faculty by the four specialized departments, where 11 doctors of science, professors, 20 PhDs and associate professors are completely involved into educational and scientific process. As the faculty includes the number of research units, students have the opportunity to fully realize the main principles of gaining knowledge through the research activities, and the possibility to do so appears from the beginning of their university study.

Department of Materials Science and new Tchnologies  students can gain the European-leveled higher education on “Bachelor” and “Master” degree level.

Specialty Specialization
Physics and Astronomy Physics of the solid stateNanosystem physics

Physical informatics

Applied Physics and Nanomaterials Radioelectronic material sciencesInformational system and technology

Solid state electronics and microsystem equipment

Technology, materials and devices of electronic engineering

Material science