Krakow 23-24-05-2024

On 23 and 24 May 2024, the traditional 7th Conference on Space Resources was held at the AGH University of Krakow (Poland)(VIIth SPACE RESOURCES CONFERENCE TOWARDS ARTEMIS GENERATION).

Along with well-known scientists in the field of astronautics – Larry Martinez (University of California, USA), Masafumi Muratani (University of Tsukuba, Japan), Kazuya Yoshida(Tohoku University, Japan), Nicolas Peter, Virginia Wotring, Danijela Ignjatovic (International Space University, France), Miranda Fateri (Aalen University, Germany) – students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology Iryna Uhorchuk, Solomiia Botiuk, Yuliia Petrenko, DariiaKhoma, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Oksana Kosar, Viktoriia Babala, Hanna Yaremii, the Faculty of Natural Sciences Marta Hasiuk, and Professor of the Department of Materials Science and New Technologies Volodymyra Boichuk presented their reports.

“Several years ago, a new era of space exploration started. The new space and deep space subjects are currently being extensively researched, and many new developments have already occurred. The Space Resources Conferences are organized to provide an open forum for discussion on the state-of-the-art technologies applicable to current challenges of space exploration and the use of space resources to improve the living conditions of humans and protect  Earth’s natural environment. However, this year’s conference will focus not only on future concepts and new visions. It will also look at how to adopt the current research results for space resource extraction, transportation, and manufacturing in space and how to develop settlements on the Moon and Mars. Previous Space Resources conferences attracted many researchers and practitioners in related fields from around the world. The purpose of the Space Resources Conference is to bring together leading international researchers, developers, and practitioners to cultivate synergistic exchanges of ideas and practices. The conference will offer plenary and invited talks, contributed oral and poster presentations, special sessions, industry tracks, panel discussions, and tutorials. Social and cultural events will also take place to foster networking among the participants. We trust that you will find the Space Resources conference professionally rewarding and stimulating as well as enjoyable,” says Professor Tadeusz Uhl, Chairman of the Conference.

In total, the conference featured 100 oral presentations and 30 posters on the topic:

  • Habitats, Bioastronautics & Life Support Systems
  • Lunar Navigation and Telecommunication
  • Astronaut Health for ARTEMIS generation
  • Space Architecture
  • ISRU and Additive Manufacturing in Space
  • Space Law & Management
  • Space Education – UNIVERSEH dedicated session + WORKSHOPS
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Space Industry
  • Society and Space, Sustainability
  • Space Resources
  • Cybersecurity in Space
  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Space Structures and Materials Design and Operations
  • Space Robotics
  • Remote sensing and Earth Observation
  • Space Biology & Space Health
  • Student Session

We would like to thank Professor Tadeusz Uhl, the chairman of the organizing committee and co-coordinator of the Universeh project, and the National Agency for Academic Exchange of Poland (NAWA) for their cooperation and support.